About Us

Well we should share some information about ourselves. We're a mother-daughter team of talent and crafting, making stepping stones, wood-burned boxes and plaques, and other nifty items for sale. Together we create what you see and design the orders you ask for. I'm Jessica, the daughter of Teri. Both of us love to craft things and are always looking at objects in a new way, trying to think up what potential it has to be something other than it is. Also, we're located in Michigan in the USA! In Redford, in particular.



My mom is disabled due to her heart attack and other health issues and thus has a hard time doing any sort of labor like working in the warehouse she used to, after years of waitressing. That certainly doesn't keep her down though! She's the coordinator of our events and craft shows and does just about ALL of the beautiful wood-burning projects while being a great mom and wife. She has always encouraged me to do my best and be my best, and pursue my love of creation and care for animals which has made me into the person I am today.


I'm a former college student at the College for Creative Studies. I was going there to become an animator in traditional media, which includes but is not limited to hand-drawn cartoons, claymation, puppeterring, and maquette creation. But due to my own medical issues, my animation dreams have had to go on the back-burner. I'm now on SSI and still trying to do what I love. Still though, I love to work with my hands and get messy so that's what I do when I'm not writing. I dive in to clay and slip, I love casting ceramics and cleaning the greenware to get all dusty. I enjoy learning new things and my favorite hobby is writing, creating stories and characters. I pray to one day publish a few books and become a story-designer for a place like Pixar Studios. I'm still trying to do what I love, and hopefully make a living doing it.


How We Got Started (And Our Recipe)
Well it's a rather mundane story really. My mom and I were cleaning out the garage of where we used to live in Hamtramck and came across two big bags of cement left over from when we were fixing the fence. We looked at each other and went, "What can we do wit these?" since there's so many uses for cement and we didn't want to throw them out, nor did we know of anyone who would want them. We came up with stepping stones, and took some foil pie tins and began on our path. Mistake after mistake, we learned things to not do and things that worked. It became less and less of us just trying to use up the cement for some family fun and more of a determination to get a good recipe and a hobby for designing. Plus the time my mom and I spent together, talking and making memories was and still is priceless. Eventually we learned no pre-made cement mixture would suit our needs and desires, and so we looked at the chemical composition and water to powder ratio as well as temperature fluctuation and created our own recipe mixture that suited us just fine. It took two years of experimentation to get it to how we liked it... and after that we realized it was so much fun and we loved the time spent together, that we had the ability to create a hobbiest business. We researched and found that there's nothing really on the market that looks like what we can do, let alone sells for such a low price in the economy these days.


And So Our Adventure Began...
So we began craft shows at first, trying our luck at churches, harvest festivals, animals rescues and art fairs. Eventually we went to The Russell Bazaar in Detroit and working on our own, we didn't make a profit, but we made rent and friends. Two friends grew so close in fact that we merged into a bigger booth to split rent. Unfortunately though we didn't do so well at the new booth location and had to split up. We then tried the Town Peddler in Livonia but after being locked in a contract, our partner pulled out due to losing money. We downsized to stay in, but upon losing more and more money by not making rent and having items broken, we pulled out after our contract. During the end however, we found a booth at the Tri-County Flea Market, where we stayed until we just couldn't afford rent and we also had a small booth set up at The Craftique Mall but there wasn't enough traffic. Now we're trying online sales and craft shows. Our next endeavor will be to try a table at Gibraltar.


Behind the Butterfly
Why so many butterflies? Our butterfly theme actually has nothing to do with spring or gardening as some may think. The truth is, it's a tribute to my grandma, my mom's mom. She adored butterflies and although she is no longer with us physically, I like to think that the butterflies are my tribute to her, and that she's seeing us through our endeavor through our trials and work towards success. Every time I paint a butterfly or make a butterfly stone, I think of her. Through my thoughts, my grandma lives on.

For Rita Przybylski, love you forever and always!